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ShardWorx Live!

ShardWorx Live!

Introducing SHARDWORX LIVE with ME!!!!  Christmas is coming and I’m making Christmas Tree Art like CRAZY! A unique spin on the art-making and gift-giving concept is for ME to make a piece of art for YOU or someone you love on FB Live! You get to watch me make it LIVE for you at these special events. You can help me customize it if you’d like, by posting comments to me while I make your art or put it in the notes when you order it!

Here’s how it works:

Go to On my homepage, you’ll see a link to SHARDWORX LIVE. Click on it and it will take you to the item description page where you can pay and add any comments. I can personalize it by writing a special note to the recipient on the back if you’d like!  Go through the payment process. Then, at our next LIVE EVENT (Nov 1, 11:30am CST/ 12:30pm EST), I will make art in the order your payment was received!

Right now…I’m making trees with:

White Shells

  • Dark Shells
  • Greenish (clear) glass
  • Colored Glass

OR…you can let me SURPRISE YOU!  And..I’ll make something fun and unique!! Cost is $60 and includes shipping (That’s a 50% discount!)!

Also during the event, we’ll have contests where you can WIN a free tree or other items from local small businesses in my area!!!SO, catch up with me on Tues Nov 1 and watch me whip up some Christmas Art on FB live!!!



PS…ShardWorx (TM) is a fun way of making art with glass and resin on painted board or canvas!!!!