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Hey Hey 30A!! Help me Help Maui!

It's like this..there's this cute glass gallery on Maui that's been selling my work for many years. They placed a reorder with me just THREE WEEKS before Lahaina burned down to the ground. I thought about all of my Hawaiian O'hana and it crushed me! I couldn't even believe what I was seeing on the news. It was unfathomable.

So, I called my peeps in Hawaii to see if it was really true? It was. The owners told me to hold the order until they could figure out their next steps.

What kills me is that they shrank from three galleries to one gallery in Ka'anapali because Covid took its toll on the islands as well. They were JUST rebounding from the Covid shut down. My heart goes out to these sweet artisans and business owners at Glass Mango Designs.

I know I can't help the world solve all of its problems, but if I can help out small biz owners, then I will! So, instead of "holding" their order, I'm going to put the art they ordered on my site! I'm going to sell it all and send them a check for the profits! Join me in helping them!

I usually sign my Maui Art with "Aloha from Maui" but on the back of these, I'm instead signing them with..."Aloha4Maui". They need our alohas. Mahalo for your kokua and God Bless.

Shop the collection here, and help us spread a little aloha.


We're thrilled to share this update from our friends at Glass Mango in Maui:

Aloha Mary,

WOW!! That is so wonderful!  Thank you for your support and organizing the sale of the pieces! Please thank all of your patrons for me who were able to purchase! John and I truly appreciate your help and effort make it happen!!

Things are recovering really slowly over here and looks like much of any rebuilding is going to take a very long time.  They are still trying to get displaced people out of hotels and into some sort of housing.  I have Glass Mango open in Whalers Village (limited hours), but just working it myself to keep expenses down with all the uncertainty.  We have some visitors coming which is good.  Certainly looking forward to things settling down in to some sort of normal here.  

Mahalo Nui Loa,