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The Santa Fe Art Scene

The Santa Fe Art Scene

It was just time!  Time to go!  Time to go WEST!  Time to get out of the hot summer Florida heat and get away from our routine!  I hadn’t been to the desert in a very long time, but I knew my kids would love it, and I needed to fill my creative soul with ART!  New Mexico here we come!  The trip was two-fold.  My kids would have to put up with me wandering the streets of uber artsy Santa Fe, and in return, I’d make sure they got a ride in a hot air balloon at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival!  Sounds fair!  We loved the whole trip!

Santa Fe:  The street markets were full of color!


Felted flowers


Lots of glass too!


We even squeezed in the Georgia O’Keefe Museum (She’s from Wisconsin too, you know!)

I also made a quick stop to the Bullseye Resource Center in Santa Fe.  Back when I was a flight attendant, I would make a regular pilgrimage to their one in Portland and I enjoyed this one too!



After a couple of days of dawned on me that our Balloon Trailer needed an artsy touch.  I was inspired!  I asked around for a Sharpie, and started drawing all over it.  People watched.  I was having fun!  Soon my kids wanted to draw on it too!  Then, I decided that I needed paint..but I also decided to “let it go…!”


Except that….the next day, our balloon landed in the parking lot of Home Depot.  I could NOT RESIST the temptation!!!! I made the mad dash for paint, brushes, tape etc etc…as fast as I could!  The balloon pilot was not gonna wait for me!

When we got back to the balloon field, I got started!  Soon EVERYONE wanted to help me paint this thing!  My friend, Ellen, even remarked that I WAS MORE OF A HIT than the balloons!!!  See?!  Once again…ART has taken front and center stage of our experience!  I love the new look!  A huge amount of thanks to our hosts, Rick and Laurie…Breaking Wind….


And, if you ever go to a Hot Air Balloon’ll soon find out that EVERY PICTURE you take is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Cheers!!