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Will the epoxy yellow?!!!

Will the epoxy yellow?!!!

Oh, I LOVE this question!  And the answer is, “YES!!!”

All  epoxies and varnishes, for that matter, will yellow over time.  It’s the nature of the beast. BUT…please know that it is very, very subtle.  The resin I use on my art has the max. amount of UV inhibitor that’s available on the market.

It’s only apparent if you hold two pieces next to each other and compare them.  If the entire piece of art is covered in resin, then it’s actually very difficult to see the change.  It’s really a “mellowing” of color.  It is ever so slight.  It’s a nuance of working with resin.  But, because of the resin,I get to show off the brilliance of glass.

And to me, that trade-off is worth it!  I LOVE the mellowing, or warming of color on an aged piece of art.  It brings a little warmth to it and it doesn’t take away from the brilliance of it!  Also, I sometimes use a gold glaze on my paintings that can enhance a warm-resin look.  I now cover the entire canvas with resin so the variation is less apparent.

I have “touched up” a few older pieces I have done for clients that really want the “white look.”   I’m attaching pictures of before and after. I have no problem doing this and the result is still spectacular!  Thank you to ALL of you who have reached out to me to buy fresh, original, local art.  I have loved creating every piece of shiny goodness and I can’t wait to create more!

before after epoxy 2

Peace, Love, Glass,