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Whoa? Is there another Hong making art just like me???

Whoa? Is there another Hong making art just like me???

Well, if you’re an avid follower of my work, you’re probably wondering what’s going on with all the glass-on-canvas art that’s hanging in high end Interior Designer showrooms and stores! I’m talking about the art that’s signed, “Hong.” Whoa? Is there another Hong making art just like me???

HA! Nope!!! It’s all me! A while back, I was approached by a company called John Richard. They are a world-wide manufacturer of art, accessories, furniture etc. They have a beautiful showroom in High Point NC and they sell to high end stores in the US including Neiman Marcus! They said they wanted to sell giclee prints of my art! I laughed and asked them if they had ever seen my art before! (I mean really, did they realize that there was BROKEN GLASS ON IT?!) They assured me that they were familiar with it. They sell art all over the world and they have HUGE factories that produce and ship it and they were already covering art with resin. Adding the glass would be a stretch for them, but they were up to the task! How could I say no!?? I was excited that they wanted to take this project on! My art debuted at their showroom in NC for the Spring Market and the response was PHENOMENAL! Orders for my art were AMAZING!!!!! Check it out here! I quickly sent 7 pieces for them to prepare for the Fall Market and I can’t WAIT to see what they look like! To be clear, these are giclee prints of my art, on canvas, covered with resin and crushed clear glass and are mass produced. You may wonder if this is a good fit for me. Well, who really knows! But, for now, I think it’s AWESOME because I can reach a wider audience AND I will get people interested in ShardART AND this art is reasonably priced! Prices on my original art have gone up every year. I hate that I have to do it but, demand is VERY high for my work and I AM TIRED! Plain and simple! I have A HUGE LIFE full of kids and family and I own two businesses that need nurturing! There is only so much that I can do!!! Creating art is a spiritual thing. I have to explain this to my husband who thinks that if he takes the kids to the store with him or something, then I’ll have time to make art. HA! I’m not robotic and being creative isn’t a simple task. I have to be in the mood! Another fine point to bring up is that, the prints of my art only have clear tempered glass on them. My originals have oh, so much more! I hoard and collect glass from anywhere I can get it! What I don’t use goes to The Shard Shop! I curate glass! My original works of art contain specialty glass full of vibrant rich colors and it’s not always tempered. Sometimes I’ll use strips of glass, slightly curved bowls, mercury glass, and really big chunks of glass. It all depends on what I’m doing! And, I can do any size you need for your special space! But, if you want a great piece of my art, at a really great price, then, check it out! I don’t know all the stores that are selling my prints, but I did see one at Lovelace Interiors in Sandestin! They sell both the giclees and my originals! The original art has my white “M” on clear glass in the lower right hand corner and reproductions are hand signed, “Hong” in the lower corner. Happy Artful Shopping!

PS,,,There’s A THIRD way I sign my name on art, and that will just have to wait for another blog post!