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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

It’s 2:22 am.  I can’t even remember the last time I typed up a blog post!  I used to be very diligent about it, but the summer of 2017 proved to be epic in the business life of Mary Hong!  I got carried away with opening galleries and Shard Shops and now that Fall is here, I’ve finally slowed down enough to type!! I’ll try to stay focused as I type about my art, but as my thoughts swirl around in my head…I’ll apologize now for what may come from my fast-typing-fingers!

Tree of Life Series has been around for a long time.  It all started about 10 years ago, when I saw a large tree of life painting in a client’s had bright red, blue, yellows, and purples in concentric circles in the branches of the tree.

It was beautiful and it really set the room off well.  After I glanced at it, I wondered what it would look like if it was made of glass?!

I tinkered in my studio and started with the trunk and the branches with coarsely cut mirror and stained glass.  But, the concentric circles…how was I going to mimic those?!  Perfectly round pieces of glass?  Wait!!!!! Wine bottles cut up like sushi!!! They were perfect!!! I cut tons of them!  I loved them!  They made glass look Lacey!  I couldn’t get enough of them!

Fast forward those ten years and my Tree of Life’s have evolved.  Mainly because, after a while, many, many of my students began making them.  I began selling my ever-popular wine bottle slices and soon there was Tree of Life’s on every street corner!  I pushed myself to make mine more elegant.  I told myself to make a tree with only clear glass and mirror.  I LOVED the result!  The below picture is a recent one that hangs in my NEW gallery in Nashville TN!  Check it out if you’re in the area!

Mary Hong Gallery
Bank of America Bldg Ground Floor
414 Union Street Nashville TN  37219