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Hydrangea Revisited

Hydrangea Revisited

It’s an oldy but a goody…

I guess!

I created my first Hydrangea a year and a half ago.  I wanted to inspire my students by blogging about my process etc.  I challenged myself to blog about my process from beginning to end.  I started with how I’m inspired (I think I saw one at the grocery store?!!!)  And, I then I typed about how I studied the composition etc.  I was very detailed in my explanations (duh!!! Here’s the complete blog entry!!! It’s a great one!)

I created many of them after that.  I love making them, as they are a welcome challenge to all the sea creatures I create almost every day!!!!  I finally got around to making more a few weeks ago!  This is the last one!  Available at Mary Hong Gallery in Grayton.  If you miss out on worries…there will be more flowers!!