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Mary Hong’s GlassCollage Starter Pack

Mary Hong’s GlassCollage Starter Pack

Order your Glass Collage Starter Kit today to receive a 20% discount, and 3 free bonuses. Order now to get your starter kit at 1/3 of the retail value of everything included!
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Here’s what you’ll get:
1) Glass Collage Training Videos: A series of easy to follow videos that show you step-by-step how to create incredible glass collage masterpieces
Mary’s Full Web Video Series previously sold for $200!

– Lesson 1: Painting Your Canvas
– Lesson 2: Creating your Glass Collage
– Lesson 3: Applying a Clear Resin Coating
– Bonus Tutorials: Click to learn about our bonuses…

2) Starter’s Kit Tools and Supplies: A Starter’s Kit with all the supplies and tools to get you started quickly!

– Critical Glass Tools: $30 Retail Value – High quality Wheeled Nippers and Sanding Stone.
– Crushed Glass Starter Pack: $25 retail Value – Collection of 16 oz of colored crushed glass to get you started.
– Shards of Glass: $25 Retail Value – Collection of beautiful large shards of glass.
BUT that’s not all: Click to learn more about our bonuses…

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Read what Mary’s past customers have said…

“I am addicted!” (Barbara, TN)

“The class we had today was absolutely THE BEST. We have all taken various types of classes and ALL agreed that your class was hands down so much better than others we have taken.” (Sally, FL)

“This is the happiest medium there is. If you have taken a class you know what I mean…if you have not, put it on the top of your 2015 list of things to do…you will amaze yourself!” (Guest, FL)

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