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Large Glass Wall Installation

Large Glass Wall Installation

Ta Dah!  It’s difficult to get a good picture of this one!  It’s an entire wall, almost 10 ft high and 5 ft wide.  It’s set into a recessed niche in a powder bath of a gorgeous new home being built oceanfront near Alys Beach FL.  I had a blast creating this!  My client was a dream!  He knew exactly what he wanted, and loved my suggestions.  The hardest part of this wasn’t the creation of it…the painting and the glass and the resin.  That was easy!  The tricky part was creating a stencil that exactly matched the recess.  That took hours of detailed work!  Once I had that, I was able to transfer the dimensions to plexi and cut it perfectly (I didn’t cut it, Eric did).  The creative process followed, and then the installation was a breeze!  Thank you TEAM! And thank you Howard!!

Here’s more picts of the installation:

This was the “Before” picture.  (above) I forgot to mention that I created the crushed glass mirror with LED tape light behind it!  So, there’s an outlet behind the mirror for that.