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Cool Frames

Cool Frames

It was a crazy day of art making.  Crazy.  I think I created over 100 pieces of small art to get ready for the Spring Break Season in Grayton and Destin.  I have 4 of my own galleries to supply art for, not to mention another dozen located around the US!  Things can get a little crazy!  It was my last piece of the day…I had been making a set of “Flowers with Vases” on canvas.  Then, I looked down and saw these beautiful frames that Stacy donated to me a few months ago.  She owns Beau Esprit Framing in Miramar Beach.  She does all my framing.  She is patient and amazing!  One day, I went in there and she had a stack a frames she wanted to get rid of!  Did I want them>?!  OF COURSE I DID!  So, they’ve been sitting around my studio, waiting patiently for me….Well, the time had come!  I picked up this super deep ornate frame, decided a few flowers would be fun…but as I started “looking” for the composition…my brain got a little, um, loopy?!  I ended my day of art making with an abstraction of glass flowers…ie, the flowers ARE IN THE GLASS…check it out!  (See the blue and white heart!!!)


Here’s another cool frame with flowers