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I Needed a Break

I Needed a Break

I needed a break!  I didn’t want some huge big convoluted break that would leave me longing for REAL peace.  I just wanted a quick, quiet, break.  I just wanted to sit quietly, and be still, and not have any interruptions.  Just one night away….at a heavenly place…near the beach….hmmmm.  I didn’t have to do much thinking about it!  The brand-new Henderson Beach Resort was beckoning!  Ever since it’s Grand Opening, I’ve been wanting to stay there and take it all in! Let me tell you something!  I’m famous there!  Everyone knows my name and compliments me on my artwork!  I even got to stay in one of the presidential suites which has my glorious glass encrusted mirrors in every bathroom!  And my original artwork is bling for every wall!

I’ll admit it was strange waking up and seeing my artwork right on the wall in front of me.  I know this may seem odd, but I don’t have too much of my own work hanging in my home.   It’s not that I don’t LOVE every piece I make.  It’s that I’m so critical of my work, that I couldn’t bare to stare at it all day!  I’d tear it apart in my head!  I’d critique it endlessly.  I’d wonder why I decided to use that color, that angle, that shape, that composition.  It would drive me nuts!  My work is’s WORK!  I’d get lost in it!

My work complements the gorgeous suites at the resort!  It is such an honor to have my creations in these spaces.  And the mirrors!  OMG!  Here’s a before and after pict of the bathroom with a boring standard hotel mirror, and then the same bathroom with my heavenly glass mirror!

My stay there was short but very sweet.  The weather was perfect for roaming the coast and thinking deep thoughts.  The food at the Primrose Restaurant was excellent.  The service from every person I met was exceptional.  I’m glad I had a chance to stay at the resort while it’s still quiet in Destin.  I have no doubt that in one short month, things will be crazy busy for everyone!  Myself included!