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HGTV Filming

HGTV Filming

It’s not easy keeping secrets..especially big ones!

I wanted to scream and shout to the world that THE SHARD SHOP would be highlighted on the ever-popular TV show…HGTVs House Hunters!  I got an email waaaaay back in November, out of nowhere. It was a very nice producer from the show, asking if we could host their homeowners that were in Destin filming an episode of House Hunters.  The producer even went on to describe the show to me. (I thought..omg…are you kidding me?!! My entire family, kids included, are all too familiar with that show!!)

Enough of the blah blah blah….!!!!

We filmed last December and we waited!  WE JUST GOT WORD OF OUR AIR DATE (that’s TEN months of waiting!!!) SEPT 28th at 10pm/9c (which im guessing is 4pm Hawaiian Standard Time…which is where I’ll be when this airs!)

Crack some champagne and watch the show with me! I’m SO proud of my shops..of my employees, of my vision as an artist and teacher, of living an amazing,  productive and inspirational life. Thank you all for making this happen. I am blessed.



See down for more pictures of our filming….WOW it was FUN!!!

That’s Duwane, Me, and Myra..stars of HGTV house hunters :))

That’s me and of the producers.

OMG..nothing pretty about getting mic hooked up…