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Henderson Resort – Featuring Mary Hong

Henderson Resort – Featuring Mary Hong

I’m giving ya’all a sneak peek into a few of the pieces I’ve finished for The NEW AND GORGEOUS Henderson Beach Resort AND SPA.  I had to accentuate “the spa” for two reasons.  One, I love a good spa.

You will find me in this one for sure!  And two, all of my art is going in it!  So, if you want to see it in person, book yourself for some pampering!  It all started in the Spring!  The GM of the Resort and his wife “discovered me” and my art while trolling along 30A! Then I got to meet the owners, the was a whirlwind!

Myself and the other artists that are creating original art for space were invited to tour the building while it was still under construction.  We put on hard hats, eye wear, and bright yellow vests.  We traipsed around scaffolding and dust and yet we could really envision what was to come!  We all went back to our respective studios and waited like kids waiting for candy…wanting to hear exactly, what we’d be creating!  I love an assignment!  It gets me going!  The assignment came via a phone meet with a designer from out of state.

She was very organized and sent pictures of my work from my website and directed me on colors and size etc.  I loved everything she picked out!  Then she put in a request for “Bubbles” on a curved wall in the spa.

She wanted 8-9 round discs from 9″-15″ that will look like bubbles floating above a banquette.  Sounded like fun!  I just finished them and I LOVE them.  I thought they’d be easy to do……well..they took much longer, but I love the result. It’s another example of how a designer asks me to create a piece of art, and while I may struggle at first, I love the end result, and will probably do more and more of them!  Read a nice article about the resort here.


These are pics of our lunch tour at the Resort in the Spring 2016…

henderson beach art2


Check back later in the year for another blog entry with the art installed at the resort!