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Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

I tend to hit the pause button around this time of year. I pack up my studio and leave my tools and glass silent for a couple of weeks around Christmas. I have to physically cover them up to “get away” from them. My art is my passion and it completely pulls at me at all times.

But, the holidays are for family and friends and I want my entire attention to be there. When the New Year hits, I find myself going through old emails and old photos…it helps me see where I was a year ago…or sometimes, YEARS ago…life is whizzing by at a pretty fast pace!

Last year at this time, I had signed the lease on space for a new business that I dreamed up… The Shard Shop was born! Turning that space into a creative workshop for all to enjoy was a ton of fun! It came naturally…there wasn’t much to ponder or think about.

I knew exactly how it would look!

And today, I have to say…it STILL GLISTENS!

The sparkle is everywhere and people LOVE it!!!

I’m looking forward to another successful, glass filled year sharing what I do with anyone that comes my way! I had so much fun outfitting The Shard Shop that I realized it was time to give my gallery space a face lift too! I found the attached picts in my archived photos….there I am painting my logo on the floor of my gallery!

And since that time last year so many photos of that logo have appeared in high end magazines, including a stint on The Golf Channel! We’ve come a long way since the beginning of last year! My work has reached the masses via John Richard, a high-end home furniture and accessories company, and via Vic, my art dealer, and via Mario, the best gallery manager a girl could ask for!

So, that is what has come to pass in 2015…what could possible lie ahead for 2016? Hmmm…well, I expect another solid successful year for both of my businesses…and I hope to grow both of them! Stay tuned for the specifics!

It’s gonna be one wild ride!!!

Peace and prayers for a SAFE year ahead and beyond…..