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Glass Hearts!

Glass Hearts!

It’s the new year, and my studio is FULL OF GLASS! I shut down production of everything in Mid December and was wondering what would inspire me to get moving again in January!

I would never have guessed that it was a bunch of hearts! I made one a couple of months ago..a small one, on a square canvas…then I did a steampunk heart for some videos being produced that spotlight my work.

It turned out A LOT better than I originally thought! I LOVE that heart!!!

So, I decided to do more…but with glass…and I couldn’t stop! It happens with many things, and this past weekend, it was all glass hearts!

I started with a red one…then I decided that a pink and orange one would be pretty, then I found a bin with Red, White, and Blue glass, and did a patriotic theme..then, I made one with just silver, gold and clear glass. I had a blast!

Then I had to stop and giggle, because the timing is probably perfect!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Stop in my gallery in Grayton and check them out! They’re also at Gallerie Sottil in Disney, and at Sutton Gallery on Royal Street in NOLA!