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I got a little crazy.  It happens. I’m an artist.  Stay away from artists. They get a little, well, yep, crazy. 

I had a request for guitars! It’s that simple! A guitar! problem.  I’ve created clarinets, pianos, flutes, saxophones, drums, music inspired art-a-la-jazz etc.  Except, I went a little crazy on the guitar concept. I guess, I got a little obsessed. I LOVE THESE!  

People that come into my Grayton Beach Gallery sometimes say..hmmm…well, your art is beachy.  (Duh! We’re at THE BEACH. I can create ANYTHING! But, when we’re at THE BEACH…I create THE BEACH) 

Anyway..I got a little musical last month. Mario’s got more than a few of these available in 16×40 and 24×48. 

Give him a shout 850.231.1416 and see if you can strike a deal with him!!!