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Christmas In July

Christmas In July

I think I know where that term came from….”Christmas in July!”

It means, get to work making art for Christmas!  Every year, I try and get together a bunch of Christmas art for the galleries that sell my work.

And every year, by the time I get around to it, the stores are done selling for the season!  But NOT THIS YEAR!!!  I’m finally on top of this!

I have about 6 Christmas trees left over from last year.  Mario, my gallery manager, is going to put some of them up for the Stop the Drop Auction soon!

Then next month…I’ll have a fresh supply of Christmas Trees, Angels, and Crosses ready to go!  If you head to The Shard Shop this month, we’ll have out our Christmas bling so you can make your own too!DSC_0007

My very, very first Christmas-tree-as-glass-art piece was about 6 feet tall and I made it about 8-9 years ago.  I LOVED IT!

I painted a long tall canvas the color of snow and scribbled the words to “Oh, Christmas Tree” in the paint.

I sprinkled glitter and crafty snowflakes on it…then came tons of clear glass, more glitter, broken glass ornaments, broken glass light bulbs.

I even hung crystal pendants from a vintage chandelier on it and clip-on white doves.

I even did an under-painting of glow-in-the-dark paint UNDER the glass, so that when the lights went out, the tree would GLOW!

I loved that tree!  And so did the galleries and showrooms that she graced!  It took me A LONG TIME to sell that tree!  Of course, I was happy to keep her too!

But, I realized that Christmas art is a tough sell!

I do it for the love of the season tho!  It’s fun!  And every year, it gets a little more crazy!DSC_0006

Happy Hot Holidays!