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Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass Art

This is a throw-back to many years ago.  I learned how to fuse glass in a kiln when I was living in Hawaii.  I used to own several kilns, and had a lot of fun with it.  I used to make panels in my kiln, abstract panels…where I’d put fun colors of glass together and then fuse them.  The picture below is one of them.

I made the angel by dusting black frit on a white piece of glass.  Then I’d use a pointy stick to draw in it and sketch out an angel.  I’d add words to my composition because I love words and love to add them to my art!  So..this is a fairly large fused glass panel..about 18 inches long.

Then, I’d mount them to shadow boxes that are easy to hang!  The one in the picture is one I made for a friend a long time ago.  Somehow, the frame was damaged and my friend wanted to salvage the glass panel!!  Easy!  I took the panel, added some crushed glass around it and mounted it on a painted canvas!  Resin holds it all together!  Voila!  I love it the second time around!