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The MEGA SHARD SALE kicked off yesterday at my gallery in Grayton!

These ladies were the first in the door.  When I got there EARLY in the am..the line was already forming down around Black Bear Bread Co.  Everyone found their “fave” shard and loaded up!  We were restocking these bins only 2 hours into the sale!

Don’t worry if you’re feeling left out!  This sale continues in Grayton until the 16th of Nov, then we’ll move the whole gig to our Destin location (next to Ulta Beauty) from Nov 19 to 29.

You gotta remember that I’ve been hoarding glass for almost twenty years!  I took my first glass fusing class in Aiea HI in 1999.  Ever since then, glass has held me in a trance!  And, I’m happy to say that I’ve shared the love of the shard with thousands, (maybe millions?)

I saw new ShardWorx artists and ShardWorx veterans stream in the door and it was fun to catch up!  A few mentioned their husbands worrying about the sale, as if their wives were off doing something terrible.  I said…hey..wait a second!  Tell your husbands that you’re spending money on a hobby that is FUN, LOW CALORIE, INVIGORATING to the soul, and PRODUCTIVE!  Creating art creates an atmosphere of togetherness that we’re all lacking in this tech age.  I told them that the glass will not rot, spoil, get old or wither.  It will be there longer than we will!  And it will always holds its luster and brilliance and shine light wherever it can!  As I was ranting about how “cool” glass is…I added up one woman’s total.  I said..tell your husband you spent less on glass that you did on a pair of shoes!

Again, I digress.  If you feel you’re missing out on this, we’ve put many of these items for sale on our website,  Go here and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Here’s a screenshot of some of our shards available online: