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Bob and Windy

Bob and Windy

Cheers to Bob and Windy!   They bought my art waaaay back when I was new to the area, and working my butt off at art shows, etc.  It was way before I opened a gallery. My kids were babies. They still stop in once in a while, buy more art, and say hi to Mario when they’re in town.   Last week, they stopped in The Shard Shop to make a piece of art when I just happened to be there too! Bonus that I was able to whip up something for them with the broken bottles they had with them!  It was soo much fun! I loved it. Thank you for your timeless support!!

*No typo…her name really is Windy.  Just think if I had to introduce her and my daughter…it would be Windy and Rain…haaaa!