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Blog on Urban Art

Blog on Urban Art

People ask me many times…what style of art I’m drawn to.  And, I love the question because, the answer is there…you don’t have to go looking for it or research it.  We know what kind of art we like just as we know what our fave flavor of ice cream is.  Do we prefer red wine over white, or summer over winter?

If you’ve ever visited my home, you’d discover I don’t have a lot of my own art hanging on my walls.  That would be WAY too stressful!  I would spend my days staring at it, critiquing it, pondering on why I chose THAT color, and what is the NAME of that color, is it centered?  Why didn’t I do this or that, or >gasp< what would anyone one who SAW this piece or art THINK OF ME?!


It’s NOT EASY putting your thoughts and soul into a piece of’re pretty much asking the world to look at what’s INSIDE you, instead of what most people see…your body, your intellect, your choice of hairstyle or clothing etc.  So, to answer the question..what style of art am I drawn to?  The freest art I can imagine!!!  Street art or urban art.  I’ve always loved it.


I feel the vibe and the spirit of it..the culture of it.  It’s risky and vibrant and it has a voice that speaks words and colors and it’s scale is usually quite large.

There are a number of local artists whose work I could look at for hours and hours, including brothers, Matt and Justin Lyons, Francisco Adaro, whose works is mainly contemporary, he walks the line of urban art etc (and I have an original work by him that is the centerpiece of my living room), and the artist who is currently exhibiting in my gallery this month, Christon Anderson!


I LOVE to look at his art!  I LOVE to try and figure out what’s going on in his head when he’s painting..or, does he even have an idea?  Or, does he just start moving the paint around til something hits him!  I’m about to find out how he works because we are planning a little art-making session to produce some collaborative pieces of art using my take on glass, and his take on urban appeal.  

JOIN US FRIDAY OCT 7th at 6PM AT MARY HONG GALLERY to see us both in action!


For now, I threw some paint around on an old framed-in plexi panel.  I just took it to my gallery in Grayton.  It’s 36″ high x 81″ wide and is layers of paint and glass and I even scribbled on sheets of glass and embedded them in the painting.  I had fun with it.


And, I hope to do more of them too.  I “warmed up to it” by inspiring my daughter to help me paint a brick wall in the study of our home.  We had a blast…painted the couch too!  The stories we could tell!  Have fun with it!!! It’s JUST ART!!!!