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Wondering where I get all the pretty glass?

Wondering where I get all the pretty glass?

Have you ever wondered where I get all that pretty glass from?
Sometimes I wonder too! A lot of it is donated. We get so many
people SOOO EXCITED about ShardART! The person that wins the prize this month is Sally..She’s a Seagrove Beach Snowbird. Which
means..she’s really only here in the winter time. She signed up for
ALL of my classes at the Bayou ARts Center this past winter..and..she
signed up for all of the classes at the Shard Shop up until mid
March..then she had to go home. She said we’d see her again in
November….except…apparently there was an estate sale near her
house? With TONS AND TONS of glass….long story short, she boxed it all up, and talked her husband into DRIVING ALL THE GLASS FROM ALABAMA TO GRAYTON! Yay Sally…THANK YOU!!!! The picts below, show me in my front yard, sitting in a pile of tempered glass..I get glass doors donated to me, then I crack them up and put them into buckets and prepare them for the dyeing process. I dyed glass last week. I only dye a small amount of glass at a time so I can get just the right color! The process is one of the few secrets I keep. I can tell you this though…I don’t use food coloring!!! Yikes, no! I want these colors to LAST and the colorants I use are archival. I dreamt up this process a long time ago when I realized that I wanted different colors of glass. I love the results I can get and I love experimenting with it. I’ve developed over 13 colors of glass available at the Shard
Shop for all your artful needs! Stop in and check it out! And..check
out all the glass that Sally brought for us to play with! MAKE ART