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Which one is my favorite?

Which one is my favorite?

Which one is my favorite?  I got asked that question last week while I was at my gallery.  It’s not an easy answer!  I finally decided on one…it’s my fave because it has the deepest hues of blue.  When I painted it, I couldn’t believe the depth of color I was getting!  I loved it so much, I knew that I should immediately paint another one.

So, I did!  But, the color wasn’t the same.  It’s not easy to duplicate something you’ve done before.  So, this one will have to stand out alone!  And, if you’re curious…I used PAINT! Acrylic paint and water.  I literally throw it down and move it around til I like what I see.

It takes time and patience and a lot of space to make a mess!  I didn’t want to take anything away from this painting, so I used clear glass to create several sailboats skimming along the depths of these blues.  It’s title?  “Rolling in the Deep”