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Which Glue to Use?

Which Glue to Use?


Which glue to use!

When you work with glass, you become an expert at adhesives.

You experiment.

You test.

Students of my 3day Workshop Intensive get to see the boards and canvases I use to test my glues.  I wish there was only one magic glue that “does it all” but…of course there isn’t!

Because, it’s not so much about the glue!

It’s about WHAT YOU ARE GLUING TOGETHER!  And, when you’re working with fine art, you want to make sure it lasts!

I’ve heard that some people are using Elmer’s Clear School Glue to hold their glass in place before covering with resin.  Well, it sure looks clear AT FIRST!

But after a while, it will yellow!  (See Picture)!  You want to make sure you’re using an archival glue that won’t yellow over time and that won’t react with the surface it’s being glued to.  I use MAC glue on my fine art paintings.

I love the way it comes out of the small applicator tip; a nice fine line or small dot!  It’s super strong, remains flexible, dries clear pretty fast, and there’s nothing else like it!  The only caveat?

Wow, it’s pricey!  An 8 oz tube costs almost $20!!! Yikes!  So..I’ve been out on the hunt to find something similar.  And, I did!  There are these cute little glue pens out of the market..Scotch makes some, I found some at Hobby Lobby too.

I love them!  They are archival, clear, and again..a nice small applicator tip!  I was all ready to stock them at The Shard Shop!  And then, a thought occurred to me as I kept grabbing for more. much glue is in these little glue pens?! Well, not very much.  There is less than 2 ounces in most of the brands I’ve been testing. I got out my calculator.  It turns out that that Scotch Brand glue pen is  2.50/oz and the Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid pen is 2.50/oz.  My good ol Mac Glue?  It came in at $2.50/oz!  I was amazed.

Not only is it a GREAT glue that dries clear and won’t’s economical and I love the size because I go through a lot of it!   Buy it at!!!