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What goes around, comes around!

What goes around, comes around!

As they say..what goes around, comes around. The Shard Shop is OPEN and the response has been TERRIFIC! Thank you to all who came out to see all the glorious shards! More on that in a separate post!

The attached picture is of me and my sister, Megan in The Shard Shop. She’s been a HUGE part of the behind-the-scenes brain power of The Shard Shop. Her brain works differently than mine. She’s all business, numbers, spreadsheet, practical, focused. I’m laid-back, numbers don’t compute, spread a sheet of paper on a table, practical, focused on art only. Whew! I reached out to her early on in the pre-birth days of The Shard Shop. I knew I’d need her brain to pull it off! THANK YOU MEG!

In the picture, I’m holding a very valuable piece of art. Of course, only valuable to Meg and me and my other siblings. It’s a piece of art my mom made circa 1980. She made many of them. It’s a piece of floral fabric stapled around a piece of wood. Onto it, she painted a group of flowers. It’s framed in a simple white frame with a ribbon around it. I got it in the mail from her best friend, Mrs E. It arrived at about the same time the dust was settling in The Shard Shop. And, Mrs E. sent it to me because she stumbled upon me and my shop on her way from Jacksonville to NOLA a couple of months ago. She’s had that piece of art for almost 35 years and thought now was the time to pass it on! It now hangs proudly amidst the shards!

Megan was visiting from Philadelphia for a few days. We decided to give the Shard Shop a test. Without any phone calls or heads up, we piled her four kids and my two into our van and headed out to Grayton to make ShardART! When we got there Robin was ready! We all swarmed in, picked out our fave canvas, and made glorious art! Everyone had a ball! Two of my nephews made more than one piece of art! We did it all in less than an hour! I was impressed! We headed out for lunch nearby and hit the beach.

Two thumbs up for the Shard Shop! Our mom’s been gone over three decades…but I think she was smiling too! Peace out!