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Washington DC

Washington DC

My son qualified for the ASCI National Spelling Bee in Washington DC last month!  A nice long weekend in our nation’s capital to teach my kids about some of the history of our great nation was something we were all looking forward to!

We got there a few days early, and hit all the museums along the National Mall.  First, we went to the National Air and Space Museum.  I wanted to show them the front section of the actual Boeing 747-400 that their Dad used to fly back and forth from Hawaii to Japan.  But, the exhibit was closed!  Oh well..we moved on to the National Gallery of Art, yay!

It was beautiful inside and I liked the way it was laid out.  I’ve been to a gazillion art museums in many countries and this one was excellent!  We wandered around and took it all in.  But what I really loved..was that there were peeps painting the paintings!  How cool is that?!  I wanted to plop down and paint with them!

One guy put down his paint brush for a little while to talk to us.  He asked where we were from.  Then he asked what we did!  I told him that we were all actually artists too!  He said…”Hey you can do this too then!”  And I replied, “Oh no way!  I have no patience for realism!  I told him that my process was more about throwing colors around and seeing what happened. I told him I just didn’t have the patience to have the discipline to paint like him!”  So, he gave me a card with a prayer on it.  A prayer for Patience!  Funny that he had this card at the ready..I wonder if it was something he struggled with too.  He’s doing pretty well considering the painting he was working on looked amazing!

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