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This Little Piggy Went to the Market

This Little Piggy Went to the Market

This little piggy went to Market!

Well, it actually came FROM the market, as in Twin Oaks Farm, the cute little farm stands in the Shops of Grayton and across from The Shard Shop!  It had cracked.  And, in steadying of tossing the perfectly beautiful teapot, it was donated to us!!

Normally, we process our glass and pottery donations, but this one was SPECIAL!  I wanted to honor the cuteness of this vessel!

My first instinct was to make a butterfly out of it…but then Mandy said…”You should make a

pig!”  She was right!  Renee, proprietor of the farm stand raises pigs and chickens and we slurp up her farm to table creations.

So…pig on!  First, I cracked up the teapot a little more.  The largest piece was large and round just like the rear of a pig…so, that’s where I started!  Everything else, just kind of fell into place!

I added pink crushed glass and a pink tail.  The grass is made with stained glass.  I sliced up the handle to form the legs.

The lid provided me with the eye and the butterflies on the lid, I cut apart and attached around the pig as if flying away!

The best part ever though…its the snout!  Inside the teapot, there are holes to strain the tea leaves!  And, they were stained brown from a lot of use!  I nipped away at them until I had two that resembled the snout!   PERFECT!!!!

I gave this beautiful piece of art back to Ms. Rene at the Twin Oaks Farm Stand!  It hangs there proudly now, and I get to enjoy it whenever I go over for fresh milk and frittata!!