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They sold my skyscraper!

They sold my skyscraper!

Farewell Nashville!  It was fun!

It’s (almost) every girl’s have an incredibly spacious gallery full of windows, in a gorgeous big city with lights and people everywhere, and spectacular masterpieces hanging from ginormous walls.  It was a dream that came true three years ago when I opened my gallery in Nashville!

They were amazing times!  I remember going up to Nashville many times, scouting out the art scene, wanting to be a part of it!  It was a very VERY long process!  It took YEARS to find the right space.  And when I finally did, all I really wanted to do was have a massive party and show it all off!  So…I DID!

There were many parties, lots of art, lots of buyers, lots of mingling..a whole lotta fun.

But, as the story goes..all good things must, eventually, come to an end!  This one was cut a little short.  It turns out that the skyscraper that houses my lovely gallery, has sold!  And the new tenant loves my space too!

So now, I must leave!  But the memories remain.  Thank you all who made Nashville an amazing place.  Denise, Mario, Eric, Keene, Billy, Ella, Angel, the caterers and bartenders and let’s not forget Sy!!! Thank you gurl!  Thank you for lighting up my space and for loving my art! It took the talents of all these people to make Mary Hong Nashville a well loved gallery space!  I will miss this space and this town for sure.  But I’ve made friends for life, and I’ve gotten a good vibe for the city and I know I’ll be back!  Hopefully in Franklin or Cool Springs.

If you know of ANY SPACE opening up in FRANKLIN my gallery asap 850.231.1416 and let me know!  I wanna barge in with glass and art that will knock you over!

Peace and twinkling lights…