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Teaching Schedule for Spring 2020 with Mary Hong

Teaching Schedule for Spring 2020 with Mary Hong

ADVANCED WORKSHOPS (More info below)

Feb 2-Feb 3: ( Sunday & Monday) in DESTIN
May 3-May 4: (Sunday & Monday) in DESTIN

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LAS VEGAS WORKSHOPS at Glass Craft Expo April 1-4, 2020 
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  • WE-E-57 – Pimp Your Mirror
  • TH-E-69 – An Ode to Geode! 
  • FR-45 – An Ode to Geode!
  • SA-34 – An Ode to Geode!
  • TH-35 – Pimp Your Mirror
  • FR-E-62 – Pimp Your Mirror
  • FR-46 – Introduction to ShardWorx Art
  • TH-34 – Mastering Epoxy Resin
  • SA-33 – Mastering Epoxy Resin

Advanced Workshop Intensive with Mary Hong

Artist Mary Hong is back in action with her ever-popular Advanced Workshop Intensive focused on every stage of creating ShardWorx masterpieces on canvas.  ShardWorx is an exciting, new way to create art using glass on a painted canvas. Students will learn every step of her process with secret tips along the way.  Each step is presented with detailed instruction, demonstrations, and time for Q&A.

Students will leave class with a better knowledge of how to work with scrap glass, how to source it, and how to set up their own studio.  They will also have time to create a ShardWorx masterpiece!

Feb 2-Feb 3: ( Sunday & Monday) in DESTIN or
Mar 1-Mar 2: (Sunday & Monday) in NOLA or,
May 3-May 4: (Sunday & Monday) in DESTIN

DAY 1: 9am til 3pm
DAY 2: 9am-12pm + Shard Sale! 


For February and May Workshop:
The Shard Shop
34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy Destin FL 32541

For March Workshop:
The Shard Shop
3138 Magazine Street Suite C
New Orleans LA 70115


DESCRIPTION: An intensive class experience focused on every stage of the process of creating beautiful ShardWorx masterpieces on canvas.  You’ll learn what has worked for Mary, what hasn’t and how she’s improved her techniques year after year!

Students will learn every stage of the process including:
*Painting on canvas
*Composition and planning
*Choosing your glassy materials
*Which tools and glues to use when and why
*How to tame that glass!  Cutting, scoring, and shattering!
*Resin: The goo that holds it all together.  There is SO much to learn for complete success!
*BONUS** How to tint/dye glass!!
*BONUS** Mistakes+Breaks and how to fix them!!
*BONUS** How to refresh resin that has yellowed, yikes!

Students will be provided with a class outline of topics to be covered at the start of class. Each student will have enough time to complete a gallery wrapped 18 x 24 inch canvas. This class includes hands on learning as well as class demonstration and presentation. Students will be able to shop til they drop during the weekend while enjoying 20% off glass and supplies.

$750 per person includes all materials and supplies and lunch both days.  A 50% deposit will reserve your space in class. If we don’t have your deposit, then you don’t have a reservation for this workshop.   Balance is due one day before class begins.

It is strongly recommended that students signing up for this workshop have already created a piece of ShardWorx Art at The Shard Shop or have experience working with glass.

All students are expected to clean up their own workspace at the end of class and return all materials back to supply bins after the end of each project.

After a grace period of 30 days from student’s last day of class, Mary Hong Studio is not responsible for work left behind.

Class registration requires a 50% deposit. If you have not paid your deposit, then you are not registered for the class. We cannot hold your place in a class without a deposit. Deposits can be made by credit card online at or by calling Mary Hong Gallery at 850.231.1416Withdrawal from class prior to 20 days before class will result in a refund of less than $100. Withdrawal from class within 20 days of class will result in a refund of less than $200. No refunds within one week of class. We have the right to cancel this class if class enrollment is low or substitute instructor if necessary. If the class is canceled due to low enrollment, all students will receive a full refund or will be offered space in the next available workshop.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the policy stated above. This includes all unforeseen circumstances.

If Mary Hong Studio cancels the course for which you have enrolled, you will receive a full refund regardless of the time frame stated above.

** This course requires a minimum attendance of 5 students and a maximum of 20.
** Mary Hong Studio reserves the right to change, alter and/or amend the Refund Policy at any time.
**  We recommend travel insurance to recover lost baggage, airline mechanical delays and illness.  If you are in an accident around your home or car, please seek a workshop expense compensation from your insurance company.

DAY 1:
9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Presentation: Painting techniques, Composition/planning, when to glue, tool overview
10 a.m. – 11 a.m. Students paint their canvases
11 a.m. – Noon BREAK FOR LUNCH (bring your own or lunch will be provided)
Noon – 1 p.m. Presentation: Resin….safety issues and how to have success with it every time!
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Studio Time: Students apply glass to their paintings and we pour resin

Depending on class size, this day may run shorter or longer 

Day 2:
9 a.m. We’ll meet and explore what we’ve learned and go over any questions
9:30 a.m. In-class critique
9:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. Break
10 a.m. – Noon
Presentation: Glass; how to source it, use it safely, and where to find it!
Presentation: How to tint your own glass
Presentation: Mistakes+Breaks and how to fix them
The rest of the day The Shard Shop is open for students to enjoy a SHARD SALE like no other!  Class participants will have access to all of our specialty glass at reduced pricing! We should finish up around noon depending on class size.


My husband gave me the gift of Mary’s 2-day advanced class workshop after many nights of dreaming about it. I wasn’t sure of what to expect other than to be inspired and intimidated by Mary’s expertise and beauty of her art. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Mary takes each dimension of teaching art and turns it into a stress-free and feel-free masterpiece. Like Mary, I also have a love of glass but Mary turned this into a whole new obsession. I would recommend anyone to take this advanced workshop. Mary has taken out all of the trials and errors she has gone through her whole career and gives you her secrets. This will truly inspire you and create a brand new passion of art, glass and recycling anything you can find. Thank you Mary for giving me a life long memorable experience!!”

-Erin R

“A few weeks ago I was able to attend the two-day Advanced Workshop at the Shard Shop location in Destin with Mary Hong teaching 11 of us so much about my new passion Shard Art.  Dana and my now dear friend Anita Rainey assisted in helping with the class.

I know I have spoken before about depression. That Type A personalities like myself can suffer from depression and surprise everyone that has known them for years.  There is no way she has that – well yes SHE (or He) does. There are days, sometimes weeks where you don’t get out of bed, you sleep, sometimes cry, sometimes don’t eat for days, sometimes zombie your way through an activity you have to do.

 I just happened in to Mary Hong Studio after seeing her work here for years.  I fell in love with a picture she had of Western Lake, my favorite spot on 30A.  I then meandered to the Shard Shop and there was a class going on. Could I create a Western Lake picture with absolutely ZERO artistic ability. Of course you can she said. Well thanks Ms. Anita Rainey for pushing me to take the class. I was hooked. That was December 10, 2018.

I was a new person after that class.  I created my Western Lake (my sand dune was too high) and that is how Ms. Anita Rainey and I started our new friendship.  I took Hannah and we created two more beautiful pieces of art.(Hannah is artistic btw) I then took the Ode to Geode class which was quite interesting.  I fell in love with geodes as well. I had found a new home. I did it ALL by myself with some painting tips. I LOVED the outcome.”

-Jana T

How it all began…

A long time ago (1999) in a land far away (Greece) I fell in love with glass! I was on vacation in Athens Greece and found cobalt blue chunky beads everywhere! I loved them and filled my suitcase with them and dragged them home, to Hawaii, so I could figure out what to do with them! I didn’t know a thing about glass beads, but I knew I wanted to learn how to make them. I found Calvin Orr, a master lampworker living in Aiea Hawaii. He became my first glass teacher, introduced me to kiln-formed glass and turned me into a complete glass freak! For years, I melted glass in a kiln, making bowls, plates, wind chimes, night lights, anything I could dream up! I moved into the world of glass mosaics in 2004. It was a perfect way for me to keep playing with glass but in a completely different way. After many years as a mosaic artist creating wall murals, mirrors, and windows, I started breaking it up a bit. I took mosaics to everything! I covered shoes, wine bottles, an old rotary phone and even a bike, with glass! I had a faux artist friend that I had started painting with. I loved the freedom of painting, AND the lightweight canvas. That led me down a long path of painting and collage and my glass started getting a little dusty. Suddenly, my studio was turning into half glass, half paint and canvas. And, my paintings were getting bigger and bigger and I really missed my glass! I started wondering…why can’t I just put the glass on the canvas? The rest, as they say, is history!  Glass shows off it’s brilliance when light passes through it. And with resin, I can get that brilliance into a painting.


Mary Hong is the founder, dreamer and creative innovator behind ShardWorx Art.   A professional artist for over 25 years, Mary’s artwork is sold worldwide in luxury galleries, home furnishing showrooms and at  After many years of teaching her techniques using glass on canvas, she opened her first art studio, The Shard Shop, in Grayton Beach FL in 2015.  Three years later, more shops opened in Destin FL and New Orleans LA. The ShardWorx brand of art kits soon followed so that everyone can see how fun art can be when glass is our inspiration!

Visit for her exciting line of art kits, glass supplies, and video tutorials. Visit to see Mary’s current work. Visit to visit one of her studios!