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Stop the Drop! Online Auction

Stop the Drop! Online Auction

Well…Summer is right around the corner!

Mario, my gallery manager is wondering what to do with some of my “experiments!”

As an artist, I like to play!  I play with materials, with paint, with weird glass I find, or maybe I just got carried away in all of the above!  Most of the art in my gallery is priced per square foot.  If it’s big, it’s gonna be pricey!

I’ve tried to hash that out in my head…but I’ve never really found a good way to price some of my experiments, no matter what the size is!

Some of them are super cool…some, maybe not, but I’m sure I’ve loved the journey it took me on!  So…this process too, is an experiment!

I’m going to auction off one piece of art per month/week in my gallery this summer.

But, it’s not going to be like ebay or anything…waaay too stressful…..

I’m gonna go the other way!

I’m not exactly sure what the process is called, so, I’m dreaming it all up (kinda like the way I make art..I dreamed it all up!!)

Stop the Drop Auction!



I’ll select a piece of art (and if you’re at my’re welcome to suggest one!)  and I’ll post the price of it on

Then, every day, I’ll reduce the price of it by $100 dollars!  You can “stop the price drop” by calling the gallery to purchase the piece.  850.231.1416.

Or, email us at  If it goes to zero, then, we will donate the piece to a very worthy not-for-profit!  ( The purchaser must pay all costs to ship and insure art if they cannot pick it up at our gallery within one week!)

This is a great chance for anyone to get a great price on some fun art from me!  I love a good auction!

We’ll start it off with a 24×36 Sunset Landscape.  It’s painted in aqua tones, with pink and purple glass in the sky and horizon.  We’ll start the bidding at $1200 on April 11, 2016.

The price will be reduced by $100 every day.  It will reach zero on April 23, 2016.  So, the last day to bid on it will be April 22 and the price will be $100.  We’ll select a new piece to auction off starting on April 23, 2016 and continue on from there!  Tell us what you think!

Get yourself some BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL ART!  WooooHoooo!!!! Yippppeee!!!


Mary Hong