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Spectrum Miami: Nov 30 – Dec 4

Spectrum Miami: Nov 30 – Dec 4


Whew!  You know that saying…..something about “Coming Full Circle…”  Well, it was a ginormous circle!  Way way back a few lifetimes ago, I started life-on-my-own in Miami FL!  I was fresh out of college.

I landed a job at a design and architecture firm on Brickell Ave in downtown Miami.  I was twenty-something and my whole life was ahead of me!  I really didn’t have a care in the world!  My job was dream-like.  My office, on the penthouse floor, overlooked Biscayne Bay.  I dressed professionally every day.

I met friends for drinks after work.  I went to posh parties.  I hated every minute of it!  On the surface, it was probably the dream job of every recent college graduate.  But, I was so miserable!  I remember a particularly stellar party at the open house of a billionaire’s mansion, it was all glitz and hype and showy and it was so not my scene.  I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and I thought I was off to a great start, but I knew in my gut it was all wrong.

I really, really wanted to stay and tough it out, but I knew I’d never make it!  So..I left that world, and entered a different world and I always wondered if something would bring me back there!

Hello Art Show!  I’m proud to say that I will be at Spectrum Art Miami showcasing my art in Booth #613 at 1700 NE 2nd Ave!  I am the [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year Mixed Media Winner and will be at the awards ceremony/preview party on Nov 30th!  PLEASE come and join me!  I’m so glad I left Miami so long ago, because it will be fun and nostalgic to go back and feel young again!!!!