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ShardWorx LIVE With Mary Hong!

ShardWorx LIVE With Mary Hong!

I started making art LIVE in fb in late 2016.

Facebook had just launched this new way of connecting to the world, and I found a way to use it as a tool to reach many admirers of my work!

I streamed live to/from all over the world, and made art for people that pre-ordered it from my website!  I took a couple of months off from it over the holidays.  But, spring is coming and I’m excited to relaunch this!

Watch me from anywhere, on your phone or device and I will create my most popular piece of art….Flowers on Board.  It’s fun for everyone to watch me work, it shows a little bit of my process, and it helps me pay my rent 🙂 I will make flowers from whatever stash of glass I have on hand.  No two will be alike, but all will be beautiful!

Join me!

As an added bonus, if you share the feed with your friends (type SHARED in the comment section) you will be entered to WIN a free piece of art from me!  You don’t have to share while I’m live.  We will select a name from anyone that shares and announce after the event.

Thank you all again for the continuous support of my work, and how I share it with the world!

Peace out!