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Romona Robbins

Romona Robbins


If you’ve been following all of my escapades and events, updates, media opportunities, gallery openings etc etc…then, you’ve probably seen a picture or two of me.  And now, it’s time for me to give the gal that took all these shots some credit!!!

I had no idea how much I needed these!  God Bless you Romona!  You are gifted, my dear!  I HATE getting my picture taken.  It just never turns out right.  The fact that I’m waaay over-tall doesn’t help.  I met Romona when Vie Magazine did an article about me and my work a while ago.  I have no idea how she does it (but I think it has something to do with harnessing the sun’s natural light and directing it at my eyeballs without making me squint) but she pulls it all off with grace and confidence.

She spent an entire day, clicking away with her magic camera.  We shot on location at the Henderson Beach Resort, and at my home, and they all look so glam!  You make me pretty, Romona!  I’m just a mom trying to make a living as an artist!  And you make me look like I’ve got world-class charm!

A million thank yous!  Check her out: