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People Love to Create!

People Love to Create!

I’ve discovered from my teaching, and from working with clients, that people love to be a part of this creative process!  Some don’t always want to carry the full weight of creation!  It’s much too scary for them!  Some just need a little nudging.  It’s the children and the uber creative that are ready to jump in without hesitation!  The fun I get from it is watching it happen!  I learn so much about people by watching them create.  I can see right away where people are coming from!  And the kicker…the people themselves are almost giddy..because THEY ALSO see something in THEMSELVES that they KNEW was there, but never really experienced it, or never really had it unfold right in front of them!  Some people jump right in and the glass and colors are flowing all over the place!  Their creativity is boundless and you can see their enthusiasm!!!…LOTS of smiles!!! There are those that are hesitant…they’re doing fine in their creativity, but, they are nervous..they just need a little rah-rah and THEN they are smiling!  There are some that are stuck…They WANT to let go…let the flow from the brain, through the arm, down to their canvas, go without judgement or doubt.  But, at the core..they know their creativity is in there!  It takes them awhile…but they get it…it all comes together and their piece of art is stunning!  I’m pretty sure, after they leave a class or workshop that the experience stays with them for a while.  That creative “drug” probably makes them giddy all day!  They probably make “semi-wild” decisions the rest of the day!  I’m hoping all that nervousness and tension melt away for awhile.  And the next day…when they pick up their art, with the resin all over it  blending all their choices together, it reinforces their creative self!  They stepped out of their now transparent shell, and survived!  And…such beauty came from it!  It’s GLORIOUS!  And this is why I teach, share, encourage, help.

Last month I was able to facilitate a family as they created a piece of art to be auctioned off for Habitat for Humanity at the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation’s next event.  They made a  beautiful “Tree-of-Life” and I WISH I had them on video turn a painted canvas into some serious bling!  Many hands went into the creation of it! Check out for more info.  Peace.