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My little artist, Rain!

My little artist, Rain!

Look out ART WORLD!  There’s a new artist growing nearby.  She is beautiful, talented, spirited, and she, like me, has that deep NEED to create.  The above picture is my gorgeous daughter, braces and all, with our corn holers. They were a blah solid color.  And one day, she said, “Mom, can I paint them?” My answer was obvious. She loves to paint, sew, sketch, knit, and is always a top winner at “Food Wars,” (aka our family’s term for, Let’s-Make-Art-With-Food.)  

Yes, she did!!! And no, I didn’t help not even a little!!

Icing, Licorice string and crushed hard peppermints!

And, on clear cold mornings in Albuquerque NM during the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, she’ll paint your balloon trailer for you!