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Luis Sottil Studios Gallery Opens in Key West

Luis Sottil Studios Gallery Opens in Key West

I wanted to share with you the new “Luis Sottil Studios Gallery” our company just opened officially last week in Key West on 511 Duval Street.

Attached are some pictures of the Sottil gallery and the works of art represented. I have added some new artist to the gallery which will also be available to our other galleries for sale.

New Artist include the following, Wil Cormier, Krystiano Da Costa, and David Miller, we will also represent Edson Campos, Cris Woloszak, Mary Hong, Melvin Johansen, Jay Johansen, Michael Wilkinson, along with a Disney representation of Jim Warren, James Coleman, Rodel Gonzales, Manuel Hernandez, Tim Rogerson, Rob Kaz, Michelle St. Laurent, John Rowe, and Irene Sheri.

I will forward further information under a seprate email for your knowledge and review on the new artist I have added. In addition, I want to recognize the return of Walter Smack who is the Gallery Director in charge of the gallery and development for the Key West Luis Sottil Studios and who has had a long term association with our company in the past. Please join me in a warm welcome to Walter and his Staff.

The assistant Manager Team Leader Art Consultant is Jessica Vogelsberg, and the art Consultants are Rachel and Mathew. I will ask them to call any of our galleries should they need assistance or have questions about the artist. I wish them a warm welcome to our team of art Consultants within our company and trust each of you will assist with questions should they arise.


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