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Looking Back & Looking Ahead!

Looking Back & Looking Ahead!

Every December, I start to look back at the year and marvel at what has whizzed by me! I used to do this when I was much younger, and would use all those experiences to craft my annual Christmas card to friends and family. I titled it, “Top Ten Things I Did This Year That I’m Not Afraid to Admit To!” Of course, my perverse friends would type me wanting to know what was on the list of things I WAS AFRAID to admit to!

One year it went like this:

10) Traveled thru New Zealand in a camper van.
9) Sailed the British Virgin Islands
8) Road trip from Rhode Island to Whidbey Island Washington
7) Got a new niece and nephew
6) Was intercepted by two F-15s crossing the Gulf of Mexico
5) Flew in an Ultralight in Oshkosh WI
4) Hot Air Ballooning in Albuquerque
3) Sailed from the Florida Keys to the Bahamas and Exuma Islands in a 48′ sailboat
2) Shopping in Mumbai India
1) Got my private pilots’ license in Miami.

The year was 2002! It’s been almost ten years since I’ve flown an airplane or sailed the seas or floated on air… Now you have a glimpse at my old life! new life is MUCH better!!! It involves two great kids, a gentle husband…and an amazing art career! Mary Hong Studio/Gallery opened it’s doors in Grayton two years ago. Since that time I’ve had a stellar response from the 30A community and my art and style has really taken root!

It started with being chosen as the 2014 Artist of the Year by the Walton County Tourist Development Council! With that designation came a lot of respect for me and my art and it led me down a path of SHARING! Sharing my talents/methods with others through classes at the Bayou Arts Center has been loads of FUN! I can’t tell you how many lives I’m changing! People come up to me after class just oooozing with relief! The non-artists are relieved that they made something they can be proud of…it’s uplifting and stress-freeing! The creative souls are zinging with happiness! I wish I could teach all day everyday! BUT…(gulp!) I can’t! I have clients waiting for commissioned art, designers needing art, oh…and my family….yep! …they need me most!!!

SO…contrary to most types of common sense thinking…look for MORE classes is 2015!

The New Year will bring New Classes…more variety, more glass, more fun!!! I’ve been deeeep in the trenches of deep thinking with Mario, my gallery manager, to make class time and studio time more productive. So…out with the old and in with the new. Stay tuned to my blogs and website and facebook page for new and exciting changes for 2015! I’m so excited I’m gonna BURST WITH GLASS!!!