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Jellyfish: The Inspiration behind my Art

Jellyfish: The Inspiration behind my Art

It’s a love/hate thing.  Jellyfish!12x24

I’ve been stung a few times.

When I lived in Hawaii, there was a rule of thumb to follow…nine days after the full moon…jellyfish would appear on our beaches.

They were big ugly stringy purple things though…Portuguese Man-O-War.  We have them on our beaches here occasionally too!  But sometimes..we get those thick gelatinous discs.

They are soooo cool!

Just last week I was at the beach with my kids and the glint of sun reflecting off of one caught my eye and I thought FOR SURE it was a piece of glass!  There’s never any glass on the beaches here..and I thought it was my lucky day!!! Kinda like finding that four leaf clover!

But, when I went up to look at was a jelly..but REALLY looks like glass!!!!
Glass Art, GlassCollage20160410_171816


I giggle about it too though, because I’ve been making jellyfish out of glass for years now too.

I can’t think of a better way to capture their beauty.  They are like no other fish in the ocean.  Their toxins can kill us (box jellies in Australia..their venomous sting is fatal)  and yet they look so clear and clean and ethereal.

Sometimes I groups a bunch of jellies on a canvas, or I’ll do one big one and go a little crazy with all the tentacles.  What most of you don’t know…is that sometimes I lay down a bit of glow-in-the-dark paint.

So, when you turn the lights off…IT GLOWS!!!! I love all the layers I can add to GlassCollage Art!

Peace Love Glass,