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It’s My New Fave Painting

It’s My New Fave Painting

It’s my new fave painting.  I can’t even remember what it’s titled.  I’m too jet lagged as I sit here typing.  (I just got back from Japan…it’s 14 hours ahead of us…ouch!)

But, this piece is something that’s been in my brain for a while and I FINALLY got it out!  That’s how many of my pieces begin…I have a vision..I can SEE the colors and the composition.  I know exactly what pieces of glass I’m going to use.  I know exactly where they are in my studio.  I have the whole entire piece planned out in my head.  I can’t even wait to get to it.  Everyone around me is living a normal life and I have this torment going on in me because there’s this amazing piece of art in my head, and all I want to do is get it out!

The inspiration for it was born of research I was doing for the new Shard Shop I just opened in Destin FL.  I was designing the space and was fixated on doing a glassified version of Anthropologie.  Go ahead and google their store fronts.  They have amazing teams of artists (omg, I would LOVE to be one!!!!) that swoop in and deck out their store fronts with the most unique and thought-provoking materials and style and it always blows me away.  I look at some of their designs, and all I can think of is…hmmm..I wonder how that would look with GLASS!!!

So..there was some kind of urchin display, I can’t even dig up a photo…but that spiky urchin got to me…I “saw it”, in my head, in the glass, on a Venetian plaster-type background with thick cuts made into the paint.  I “saw” the deepest blues, and the pasty-white setting it off…..that’s what I saw in my head!  When I finished the painting, I quickly did another one because I loved it so much and didn’t want to stop!  Below is the larger of the two.  It’s 48”H x 72”W and hangs in the Shard Shop/Mary Hong Gallery in Destin.  The smaller one, 48”x48” is available in the showroom of Lovelace Interiors in Miramar Beach FL.

Cheers to dreams!

Mary Hong