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This picture is a throwback!  Sweet memories of many beginnings.  I see two beautiful children with a safe and loving life ahead of them.  I see a gentle artist, with the idea that art could save us all from everything!  I guess the lesson learned is that, we’re here for only a short period of time. That, while we’re here, we need to make connections with each other.  We need to put down our projects, our agendas, our fill-in-the-blank and we need to connect! When faced with tragedy that unbuckles our brains, we need each other!  It’s the fundamental reason why I started the Make-Your-Own-Art store concept called, The Shard Shop. It’s a place to heal. It’s a place to let your creative self engage in glassterpieces, so you can problem solve, and find peace.  I still can’t believe my husband is gone. I just wanted to blog about my gratitude for everyone that’s reached out. Even those that didn’t get around to’s ok! There are no rules for grieving. Please know I’ve heard you and I’m forever grateful.  

Forgive me for those I may have forgotten in name but not in my heart:

Sara Holbrook, Angel Gibson, Ted and Henri, Al, Tami, Big Dog, Ella, Bill, Denise, Marcy Boutz and family, Charles and Janet, Kristie and the Food Train, Dana, Joe and the Kimbrell family, the Fountain family, the Reny family, the Delta Airlines family, Charlene, the Hong family neighbors especially Wayne and Becka, Eric,  the Kim family, the Bagga family, the Lum family, the Thackeray family, the Shard Shop family, the Mary Hong Studio family, the Fox family, the Schmiedicke family, the Muré family, Jene, Mose Hayes and staff at Sacred Heart Oncology, Dr. Stevens, the amazing and kind nurses at SHH IV infusion, Dr. Kasi at the Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville, the Gateway Academy family, Tracey and Alyssa from Emerald Coast Hospice, Destin Health Care and Rehabilitation, Fr. Mike Hesse, St. Rita’s staff, Fr. Christian, Adele, Michelle, and many, many others.  We could never repay your kindness.

Mahalo for your Kokua