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Gratititude 2018

Gratititude 2018

WOW!  It’s here!

The always-amazing Holiday Season that makes me pause for just a teeny second and marvel at everything around me!  Time is flying by at incredible speed.  My kids are growing uber-fast, my businesses are growing just as fast, and yet, I still have a great little gallery in the heart of Grayton Beach that is still my fave place to hang out!

I cannot believe it’s been 6 years since I signed my lease there.  I was sooo very scared and unsure of myself back then.  My husband was pretty upset with me for doing it, but I KNEW in my heart that all would  be good.  Opening my own space gave me so much.  I grew as an artist, and a businesswoman, and I was able to connect with the world.

Since that time I’ve opened 6 more businesses, taught thousands of people a year in The Shard Shops, and tens of thousands of people through my online classes.  Those students have gone on to start their own careers, their own galleries, websites, classes etc.  I could write a book on all the people who I have helped heal, through art, on so many levels.  (Book is actually in the works…stay tuned on that one!)

What blows me away is that it all comes down to art.  Yep…ART!  So simple!  So non-tech and so not important to our educational system, society in general, and definitely not a good business model to prospective landlords.  But, through my unique vision on using broken glass (a.k.a trash) in art, I’ve somehow been able to change many people’s view on it!

But, please know, I didn’t do it alone!  Of course, my family puts up with my work ethic..yet there are many behind the scenes people that make my dreams a reality.

Pictured above, left to right, is me, holding a piece of art (that miraculously sold two days after we took this photo!), Mario, holding a gallery sign because that’s what he does!  He holds up the entire Mary Hong Art empire by running the Grayton gallery, manages all online sales and wholesale accounts, and oversees our galleries in Destin and Nashville.

Far right is Rebecca!  She’s holding up an ipad, because she is our soc med queen!  She’s the one reading all our fb posts, instagram notes, and website rants.  She connects the world with us through our soc med channels, website comments and logs all of my art with the US Copyright office!

Behind all of that is Joseph and Donya that post these blogs for me, send out emails to all my fans, keep tech issues at bay, and help me, and Mandy, manage all that goes on with my Shard Shops!

We’ve all come a long way.  I’m excited to see what 2019 brings!  More Shard Shops?!  Most likely!  Thank you to all who are reading this and who support me as an artist in this crazy world.  May you all find peace and comfort in your families and your faith this holiday season.  Spend time together.  Make it simple and pure.

All my best..