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Dansko Shoes in Glass!

Dansko Shoes in Glass!

I paint A LOT.  There are days when I paint and paint all day long and it’s completely exhausting.  I’m usually covered in paint from head to toe.  It gets in my hair, it’s on all of my sunglasses too.  All my clothes have a drip of paint here or there.  It drives me NUTS!  I can’t seem to keep it off of me!  I have a bin full of clothes that are reserved for painting days.  Notice, I’m not blogging about those today!  NO WAY!  I’d rather share my story about my SHOES!  Let’s just say, I own a lot of shoes.  I have shoes devoted to “paint day.”  My shoes have to be comfy and they have to stand the rigor of lots of paint, and lots of glass.  (Because, I usually stomp all over my glass with them too…that’s my secret for getting all of the sharp edges off the glass!!!)


My go-to pair for glass stomping and painting and creating all day is DANSKO SHOES!!! I have many styles in many colors, and I think there’s currently only one pair that doesn’t have paint on them!  Dansko shoes are made for peeps who are on their feet all day long (like me!)  They help my posture too.  And, that in turn helps my spirit and my soul, and that is the basis for good art!  I gotta feel GOOD AND POSITIVE when I’m creating! So..I’m devoting this blog post to my fave pair of Dansko shoes! And, I’m carrying it a step further (go Mary!) I PAINTED a picture of my fave shoe.  And, then I covered it with glass of course!

There’s more!  Then, I mocked it up so I could see how cooool my shoe would look if it was covered with glass!  Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever for glass lovers!  I’m sending it off to the president of Dansko Shoes, Inc!  Fingers crossed!  I think they should add it to their line of colorful shoes!  #Danskoglassshoes 

Peace Love Glass