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Color in Cool Frames

Color in Cool Frames

It seems like it’s been forever since I squeaked out a blog. First there was the New Year to endure, then my birthday, then I hurt my back and couldn’t walk for almost a month. But worst of all, I got a new computer. I hate that. It’s not like my old computer and I can’t find anything on it. Sure, it’s super fast but..I think I was pretty patient with the old one. Anyway, it’s hard for me to blog when I can’t find pictures or random thoughts or notes to myself.

Somewhere, amidst the insanity, I got my hands on some old ornate frames. Ohhh, I love them! All I could see was deep, deep color…lots of colors! I get tired of the coastal stuff sometimes! White on white on white with a hint of grey and pale aqua…ugh. I’ve been doing too much of it and needed a change! I painted these old frames…grabbed some swatches of fabric and milk glass and voila! This one’s still available!!!