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Bottle Challenge

Bottle Challenge

It’s the challenge that I’m drawn to.  I like to take an uber unique piece of glass, twirl it around in my brain for a while, sometimes weeks or months, then get my hands on them/it, and see what kind of a spin I can pull off.  It’s not just one spin, usually it’s a spin that keeps going and going and never stops!  And that dear reader, is the chase I’m after!  I keep pushing myself to see what I can do!  What’s next Mary?  I’m always asking myself that!

So, last month, when I got my hands on thousands of cute little glass bottles, the chase was on!  I bought them originally because I liked the shape and color.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with them (and that’s when I get nervous…I dread buying stuff that’s gonna sit around and haunt me!)

So, my first idea was to have a mega shard sale and SELL some of them to get them moving!  I spread them out to my staff at The Shard Shop in Grayton and we immediately saw them as Christmas ornaments!  Bam!  They’re selling like crazy!  I gave some to my daughter on a perpetual rainy weekend and she turned them into Grinch ornaments!  They’re available for a great price on in case you want to give it a swirl…

Me?  I made a mirror with them!

They could be sailboats!

Or ornaments…