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Aloha Emeril!

Aloha Emeril!

I got word that I’d be filming with Emeril Lagasse for his TV Show, Emeril’s Florida!  I didn’t know what to expect, but knew that if I just stayed calm and spoke clearly and cleaned up a little.

I’d be fine!  I have done live TV shows for some local news stations…and then there was that segment on the Golf Channel.  It would probably be like that, right?!  Um NO!  I had NO IDEA!  The production crew was HUGE!  There were 40-50 people crammed in my little gallery and art shop!  There was a crew for everything…even a snack crew!

Because, with that many people, working hard all day, you gotta snack!  Lauren was sweet enough to do my make up for me!  I wish I had her every day!  Emeril’s daughter and her friends came in first and we started making art together at The Shard Shop!  It was nice to be doing something that I was comfortable with! Then Emeril and I started “talking story” about Hawaii…it was my home for many years, and it’s where he got his start as a famous TV/Chef star!

WOW!  Our goal was to show the world how cool and fun and artsy the area of South Walton is!  I’m pretty sure I garbled my words and didn’t make sense, but I’m hoping that serious editing will find something impressive coming out of my mouth!

Then, we all made a piece of art for Emeril’s wife, Alden.  We decided to make a pretty “Wine Bottle Still Life” using her private label wine bottles…threw in some pink and turquoise glass with a splash of gold, and voila!  It was finished!!!!  I’ll let ya’all know when it airs!



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