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Advanced Workshop Testimonial

Advanced Workshop Testimonial

Wow..just got this testimonial post…Jana took my advanced workshop march 3-4

I guess Im curing people too…with art of course…

A few weeks ago I was able to attend the two-day Advanced Workshop at the Shard Shop location in Destin with Mary Hong teaching 11 of us so much about my new passion Shard Art.  Dana and my now dear friend Anita Rainey assisted in helping with the class.

I know I have spoken before about depression.  That Type A personalities like myself can suffer from depression and surprise everyone that has known them for years.  There is no way she has that – well yes SHE (or He) does.  There are days, sometimes weeks where you don’t get out of bed, you sleep, sometimes cry, sometimes don’t eat for days, sometimes zombie your way through an activity you have to do.

The day I just went to get a breakfast sandwich at Black Bear Bread Co. with a new comer to our area,  I just happened in to Mary Hong Studio after seeing her work here for years.  I fell in love with a picture she had of Western Lake, my favorite spot on 30A.  I then meandered to the Shard Shop and was greeted my Ms. Anita Rainey.  There was a class going on.  Could I create a Western Lake picture with absolutely ZERO artistic ability.  Of course you can she said.  Sign up it’s locals weekend and you get a discount on the class Saturday.  Well thanks Ms. Anita Rainey for pushing me to take the class.  I was hooked.  That was December 10, 2018.

I was a new person after that class.  I created my Western Lake (my sand dune was too high) and that is how Ms. Anita Rainey and I started our new friendship.  I took Hannah and we created two more beautiful pieces of art.(Hannah is artistic btw)  I then took the Ode to Geode class which was quite interesting.  I fell in love with geodes as well.  I had found a new home. I knew I wanted to make Mattie Alan Tarleton something special for her birthday.  I did it ALL by myself with some painting tips from Ms. Anita Rainey.  I LOVED the outcome.

I would go in a few times a week just for fun and inspiration for my next art project.  I bought their pre-boxed kits for Christmas gifts.  I was ready to go all in.  They were there to help me.  Even when I did my first Geode at home and my paint was too thick – I walked in they helped me figure out a way to “save’ it.  Only we know that it was not the perfect painting.  I saved and saved and saved to attend the two day Advanced class.

I had found a therapeutic way to get lost in my art.  A way to help me see that depression is just keeping me from doing things that I should try.  Since then I have started a new job ….. wait for it….. I am subbing at South Walton High School – yes, me a sub.  Bet ya’ll never saw that coming.   The best part of it is I love it.  Minus a few classes that truly are just crazy.

Will I ever be “cured” no.  Do I still have bad days.  Of course.  But I have met a wonderful group of people all because of recycled glass and resin.  I have friends for life (thank you Anita Rainey for always being there for me).  Of course I pick an expensive form of art (the resin is the kicker but a must to keep all of your pieces together).  I hope to attend another Advanced workshop this year because I still have so much to learn.  I have met friends in our area because we do not have recycling I have posted for their glass.  I go pick it up and now of course I have tons of wine bottles LOL

So to hell with depression as I use to know it.  And a huge shout out to everyone I met from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY that came in just for this Advanced Workshop. But a super special thanks to Mary Hong for sharing this amazing art with others so we can learn too.  I will never be Mary – she is the creator of masterpieces.  But I can create Jana art.  Maybe even sell it if  people think it is cool. My own masterpieces.  An artist that actually shares their art form to me is an amazing person.  Because as we all know many do not.

I don’t have to be perfect all of the time.  My art is in it’s infancy. I am just getting involved, putting myself out there.  Getting out of the house.  My life has been changed by Shard Art thanks to Mary Hong and her staff.  They were the prescription for my depression.

There are now locatioins in Nashville, New Orleans the original Grayton Beach store AND Gallery (next door to each other in the Shops of Grayton).  And for the season two locations just opened in Grand Boulevard and Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin.  It is kid friendly and great if you are visiting any of these locations, especially for rainy days or the we got too sunburned days.

Thanks for letting me share this amazing experience with you.  Depression is real, depression sucks.  I am seeing a light at a tunnel that I will work on for the rest of my life all because I walked in the door of an art gallery and started creating and saving the planet recycling! #depressionsuckssomakeshardart #maryhonggallery #recycle