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Abstract Art Piece

Abstract Art Piece

Many people that discover how I do what I do when it comes to art with glass on canvas, confide in me. They share with me that their new-found love with glass is turning into an addiction. I know! That’s exactly how I’ve felt about it since I dreamed up this whole new way of making art! It’s hard to STOP making art.

I don’t know if it’s truly the GLASS that draws us in…or…is the mystery of what happens over night! By that I mean, the resin process. It doesn’t matter what time of day I pour resin over my art, but it’s usually in the morning when I step in my studio to see what I’ve created! It doesn’t really register in my brain until after I’ve poured the resin and it has cured.

But, as I tell all my students….it’s a lot like Christmas! It’s like running to the tree to see what he’s left! But with ShardWorx, it’s like running to your studio, to see what you made! A few days ago, I was working on a large commission piece…clear glass on white/grey paint.

When I peeked in my studio, the strong winter sun was shining in and it gave the piece a sublime greenish tint to it. It was a cool effect and I captured it on my camera!  Don’t worry tho…the piece really is white and grey and clear glass!


And..speaking of Christmas…I made candy that looks like glass!  Uncanny resemblance, huh>?!



Peace Love Glass