Why not make an entire wall a piece of art?  Right?!! That’s what I kept thinking too!  I opened a new gallery in Destin this summer.  I had to take a blah retail space and turn it into a WOW showroom/art gallery space!  I was ready to give up, throw in the towel and just put up some nice white granite tile, that’s what everyone is doing now!  But thankfully, my friend and realtor, Denise Fountain, patiently said to me…” No Mare, you gotta do your thing up there!”  I knew she was right, but I was exhausted beyond words, and was ready to go on vacation!  It was all a blur, but somehow, I pulled off the most amazing wall ever!  It’s glorious!  It’s light, airy, with light streaming through the crystal-like glass.  I LOVE IT!  And, everyone that sees it drops their jaw!  It took awhile, but I finally got LED lights on it too!  Now, that’s a wall!  Custom pricing available per square foot!  Inquire at MaryHongStudio@gmail.com.