Many people ask me…is it the glass that brings me the inspiration?  Or do I start with an idea, and then find the glass to make it all happen?  The answer is, Yes!  It works both ways.  The secret is having A TON of glass around me at all times!  The above pieces just happened to work out as having the perfect amount of glass to pull off a few sea creatures!  Once that type of glass is gone, then that’s it!  I couldn’t make another fish say, that’s the same as the one above!  That’s the last of that vase!  But, the beauty of making art like this, is that even though that vase served its purpose, there will always be another vast behind it that’s even cooler or more interesting etc.  The pieces above have all sold, but I just finished a whole new set of unique creatures and they are avail for sale in my galleries in Grayton Beach, Destin, Nashville or New Orleans!  A current list of my inventory is available online at