Many people ask me, “Where do you get all your glass from?”

Answer: “From everywhere!”

I’ve been working with glass since 1999.  I collect it.  I hoard it.  It finds its way to me almost everyday!  I COULD say I’m ready to share it with the world.  The hard reality is that I have waaay too much.  Time for our first ever Mega Shard Sale.  Everyone is in a shopping frenzy for Christmas in November.  And I’m just sayin’ that everyone should get a chunk of shards in their stocking.  Don’t you agree?!




ShardWorx Violet Glass Bottles                                          ShardWorx Garnet Red Unique Glass Bottles

ShardWorx Sliced Wine Bottles                                         ShardWorx Small Unique Clear Glass Bottles

ShardWorx Cobalt Blue Shards                                           ShardWorx Pink Coral Shards

ShardWorx Sliced Bottles                                                   ShardWorx Iridescent Glass Tiles

ShardWorx Baby Blue Glass                                               ShardWorx Deep Aqua Glass

ShardWorx Small Aqua Glass Bottles                                 Neon Green Crushed Glass

Neon Yellow Crushed Glass                                              Neon Orange Crushed Glass

ShardWorx Mixed Shards